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For over 25 years, CapSource Solutions has worked to improve and protect the financial health of doctors’ offices, medical facilities and laboratories. We offer a strategic, proactive approach to revenue cycle management that streamlines business processes and drives faster collections. Even better, our billing solutions are customized to each of our client’s unique needs.

Family Practice Knowledge.

Family practice billing refers to the process of submitting claims to insurance companies and other payers for medical services provided by family practitioners. This includes primary care services such as routine check-ups, preventive care, diagnosis, treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, and referrals to specialists as needed. Proper family practice billing ensures that practitioners receive timely and accurate compensation for the services rendered and that patients have access to essential medical care. It requires thorough knowledge of medical coding, reimbursement policies, and the complexities of insurance claims processing. Family practice billing also involves accurate documentation of medical procedures and diagnosis codes, as well as submitting timely claims to avoid payment delays or denials. Successful family practice billing allows providers to focus on providing quality care to their patients while also maximizing revenue for their practice.


Our services are designed to ensure claims are submitted correctly the first time, every time.

Pay for Performance Pricing.

Our fees are tied to the efficiency of your billing, making the financial performance of your business our top priority.

Improved Cash Flow.

Our disciplined billing management solutions stabilize cash flow and drive faster collections, keeping your company on a high-performing financial fitness plan.

Single Source Solution.

Working with our team removes the headache of daily billing management, staffing shortages or operational interruptions.

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