Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Full service medical billing: perform all data entry, transmit electronically, post and review EOB's, bill patients for their portion, manage accounts receivable, follow up on unpaid claims and patient balances.

Who keeps the data?

CapSource offers multiple options for data storage and management. CapSource can maintain the data and allow secure remote access into the system or CapSource can remotely access data at your location.

Can you help us set our fee schedule?

Yes, CapSource can help you develop a list of the CPT codes and appropriate fees for your services.

What kind of reports are provided each month?

A robust financial package is presented each month identifying monthly activity, year to date data, graphs, trends, and overall financial analysis of your business.

Do you review the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for incorrect processing?

Yes, CapSource carefully reviews each EOB for possible bundling, downcoding and underpayment. Denials and appeals are handled directly from our office.

How are patient collections handled?

CapSource makes every effort to collect patient balances. Monthly statements are generated to the patients for outstanding balances due to but not limited to co-insurance, unpaid co-pays, deductibles or no coverage. Difficult accounts that are uncollectible are discussed with the provider to decide the next step.

Who handles calls regarding patient accounts?

All patient and insurance calls are directed to CapSource to free up your staff time. Claims and patient's statements reflect CapSource's phone number for questions.